How Do You Price Your Projects? Do You Offer Any Packages or Deals?

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How Do You Price Your Creative Services/Projects?

Projects are priced based on the scope of the work.

Whenever I consider a project, the first step is to estimate the scope of the job & how long it will take.

Here's my formula: # of Hrs. + Hourly Rate = Project Cost

What is Your Hourly Rate?

Rate is $95.00 per hour.

Do You Offer Any Packages or Deals?

Nope. I've tried & It never really works.


Scheduled Consultations/Estimates
(in-person, phone, video)

Sessions available:

.5 Hour + Estimate - $45
1 Hour + Estimate - $95

Sessions are secured w/Payment ; )

Do You Do Art Commissions?


Interactive Mixed Media Workshops @ PixNinja
Spray/Acrylic Paint | Mixed Media | Salvage

- or -


Of Course, I can also do Completely Tricked-Out 100% Original Custom.

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How Long Will My Project Take to Finish?

The answer is always determined by:

Scope of the work + Involvement of the client.

That's the best I can give you on this one. Basically, you do your job & I'll do mine ; )


Can I Pay Online?

Of Course & Thank You!



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Good Luck w/That.

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