Democratizing the Web - Adventures in Joomla: Flashback

Michael O. Taylor Photo by PixNinja

Oh how times (and my powers) have changed. As I was going through some old files, I found this golden nugget that I wrote in the fall of 2009. Although the site that I created no longer exists (for now), the project and the research taught me lots of great stuff that I still use today (even as I post this post). It's also cool looking back that the trends have continued and there are exponentially more resources and options for web creation.

If you have a minute and you're a web nerd like me (or an aspiring web nerd), I think you'll find this read time well spent.

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How to Choose a Website Designer or Company

So you need a website and don't know who to call. After a search on Google, it looks like lots of folks say they make them. Where to Start and How to Choose?

There are lots of things to consider when choosing the person or shop that you are going to trust with your dreams of grandeur. Here are some important things to keep in mind.

Choose a Website Creator/Developer, not Designer.

As I often tell our clients, making the website look good and do nifty stuff is the easy part. The challenge, whether you are starting a website from scratch or overhauling an existing one, is always the content. From text and images to functionality and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the goal of a successful site is to provide an easy to use experience with lots of great and honest content/information.

Take yourself out of your "I need a website shoes" and put yourself in your "I'm searching on Google shoes" for a minute. When you search for information, goods or services, ain't it great when you click on a link and find exactly what you wanted? You ACTUALLY get what you requested. I know, right? What a novel idea.

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