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Switch Track / Web 2005-2023 | RETROspective. PROspective. | or | ARTIFICIAL culture. real INTELLIGENCE.

Comedy in *Marketing | Choose Your References WISELY.

Lesson in Minutiae: There is an obvious, further "Yes &" to this:

1. Most of Us have heard the term "Tits" & know it as something "Cool" or "Neat"

2. Darrell Hammond did this Brilliantly w/his Sean Connery character on SNL.

3. The tag to this image would have been "It's Le Tits" but for this interview Barbara Walters did w/Sean Connery.

As an Actor, Sean is Brilliant. As a Human...

From a Comedy/Marketing/Brand Perspective:

Diamonds? | Comedy in *Marketing | Choose Your References WISELY.

F*CK MONDAY | - or - REMINDER: You Actually CAN DESIGN a HIT (Kinda).

So Sorry & You're Welcome.

BUT: Calculate The Culture / Image / References (Example: Dance Move | KPOP | Put English in the Chorus & Send It to 'Merica | Etc.)



*Not JUST because it was sent to 'Merica.

**No Artificial Intelligence Required (but coulda been Fun).

***I Don't Care Who You Are, This Video is AWESOME!

****No, even I didn't have the Patience for how much this song was over-played.

More Later > > >

Messaging is FUN!

Playing around with campaign ideas. I dunno. I think they're Geneus!

Haven't written anything yet. Just wanted to post something. You know how that goes.

Oh, here's something about the move thing.

2023: The Year of Somebodys

- or - The year alotta somebodys decided to finally really be a themself somebody or somebody else, i.e. an extension, version, alter ego or mostly genuine reflection of themselves.

If that's you, here are some thoughts on you, your brand & the internet.

*This one an on-going work-in-progress. Like Me...

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Nostradamus? | 2023: The Year of Somebodys

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